Professor Developmental Neurobiology Program,
The Burnham Institute, La Jolla, CA
Senior Research Biologist,
Merck Research Laboratories, Rahway, NJ
"REACH Research Award" to read more Click Here
Dr. Stickens spent over ten years of his life as a graduate student at UTSW as well as his postdoctoral training at UCSF in the
field of EXT genes and has contributed substantially to the understanding of the pathogenesis of hereditary multiple

Dr. Stickens identified the EXT2 gene, and in so doing, has helped define a new family of putative tumor suppressor genes.
Moreover, he went on to characterize that gene for its normal role in development and pursued the question of how a loss of
function for this gene product participates in disregulated bone development.

Dr. Stickens was able to create a EXT2 knock-out mouse that formed exostoses and thus recreated the human phenotype.
The genetically engineered mouse he created has proved to be a very valuable model that provided profound insights into
both disease mechanism and basic biological processes. These EXT2 knock-out mice are used by many scientists as a tool for
further understanding the underlying causes of MHE.
There is NO treatment / cure for MHE now, but research is starting to make great progress into
understanding the etiology of MHE. Researchers are just at the point where together with the support
of this event and others, they can make major inroads toward better diagnosis, treatment, and
possible cure.
During this banquet
"The Humanitarian Scientific Achievement Award"
was presented to Dr. Yu Yamaguchi.
REACH Research Award" was presented to Dr. Dominique Stickens.
Both Researchers were also presented the following awards by members of the
U. S. Congress
~ N. Y. State Senate
The Borough of Brooklyn, City of New York.
The MHE Research Foundation as we REACH  for the CURE !
Both Dr. Yamaguchi & Dr. Stickens are members of the MHE Research Foundations Scientific and Medical Advisory Board  and
their years of service are greatly appreciated by our foundation and by all who suffer the devastating affects of MHE. Dr.
Yamaguchi will be organizing the next
International MHE Research Conference, along with the MHE Research Foundation and
will be held in Boston October 29-Nov 1, 2009. Without the efforts of these two outstanding researchers, MHE research would
not be where it is today.
Arch Angel Productions: Donation of photography

Comptime Print & Copy Center: All printing services used by the MHE Research Foundation are generously donated by
Comptime Print & Copy Center: 385 North Franklin Turnpike • Ramsey, NJ 07446 • Phone: (201) 760-2400
• Fax: (201) 760-9140

Reich Paper: Duke Reich President, Donation of the spectacular paper used in printing the invitations for this event.
7518 Third Avenue • Brooklyn, NY 11209

Victory Entertainment: Victor & Jack Spadaro, Donation of the DJ for our event.
•1786 SHEEPSHEAD BAY ROAD • BROOKLYN, NY 11209 • Phone: (718) 648-8001
The MHE Research Foundation would like to Thank
the following companies for their donations to this event.
To read the The Burnham Institute Press Release Click Here
"The Humanitarian Scientific Achievement Award"  to read more Click Here
To read Dr. Yamaguchi speech Click Here
Dr. Yamaguchi created a conditional EXT1 knockout mouse model. These conditional EXT1 knockout mice are being used for
genetic studies to figure out how the deficiency of EXT1/heparan sulfate causes MHE. These conditional knockout mice, which
allow knocking out EXT1 at the site and time of researchers' desire, are very useful for diverse studies on the function of
EXT1/heparan sulfate.

Dr. Yamaguchi and his lab have been able to distribute these mice to more than 20 laboratories around the world (US,
Europe, and Japan) to help studies by other MHE investigators. Using this model system, Dr. Yamaguchi has demonstrated
that mutations of EXT1 influence not only bones but also the nervous system. Although frequently ignored in the clinical
front, MHE patients tend to have some mental, neurological, and muscular symptoms. Such symptoms include: mild social
interaction deficits, heightened sensitivities to sensory stimulation, difficulties to concentrate, and muscle weakness. Dr.
Yamaguchi believes these neurological symptoms can be explained by the deficiency of heparan sulfate in nerve cells. Indeed,
recent analysis of knockout mouse behavior has revealed that these mice have deficits in certain aspects of learning and the
levels of fear/anxiety, as well as alterations in nerve cell wiring.

In addition, Dr. Yamaguchi has recently discovered that knockout of EXT1 in stem cells that destined to become bones and
cartilage causes severe bone abnormalities. These findings have provided us with a new insight into the reason why MHE
patients frequently associate a variety of symptoms in addition to exostosis/osteochondroma formation, and suggests
potential novel MHE treatment paradigms.
*Research Banquet*
... Part of the
Magic of Giving!
...Part of
Finding the Cure!!!
Held On
Gargiulo’s Restaurant
2911 WEST 15TH Street
Coney Island, Brooklyn, NY 11224
Dan & Son Bobby Caputo, David Brooks, Craig & Son Vincent Eaton, Yu Yamaguchi M.D.,Ph.D.,
Susan Eaton, Dominique Stickens, Ph.D.Sarah & Son Robert Ziegler, Suzanne Caputo
Craig A. Eaton President, Dr. Stickens,
N. Y. State Senator Senator Martin J. Golden,
Board of Director Susan Eaton, Dr. Yamaguchi,
Sarah Ziegler Vice President
Dr. Stickens,
N. Y. State Senator Senator Martin J. Golden,
Dr. Yamaguchi,
Sarah Ziegler Vice President & National Director of Research
N. Y. State Senator Senator Martin J. Golden,
President Craig A. Eaton Esq, Dr. Stickens,
Board of Director Susan Eaton, Dr. Yamaguchi
Craig A. Eaton President, Dr. Stickens, Sarah Ziegler Vice President,
Dr. Yamaguchi, Board of Director Susan Eaton
Craig & Susan Eaton
Sarah Ziegler
To read Sarah's total
written speech
Click Here
Dr. Stickens
Susan Eaton
The power of the spoken word on behalf of all who suffer from Multiple Hereditary Exostoses.
Foundation Board of Directors with their children, honorees and guests
To view the video of  President, Craig A. Eaton's speech and the speech by Senator Martin J. Golden  Click Here
To view the video of  Director of Fundraising, Susan Eaton's speech Click Here
To view the video of Vice President & National Director of Research, Sarah Ziegler speech Click Here
To view the video presentation of the REACH Research Award and Dr. Stickens speech Click Here
To view the video presentation of the Humanitarian Scientific Achievement Award and Dr.Yamaguci's
Click Here
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